Lava Lava In The Hole - Part V

Thursday, 26 February 2015

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We have planned on not spending any more time at the Mývatn area, but the almost complete absence of wind and the bright, warming sunshine entice us into having an outdoor lunch break in the village of Reykjahlíð. As, according to the forecast, we won't have the chance of such a beautiful weather till the end of our trip, and, since the rest of our itinerary for this day involves only 3 hours of driving and 2 planned stops ahead, we decide it's about time to cut ourselves some slack and give in to the temptation. After a quick shopping for our usual food provisions (smoked salmon, tomatoes, bread, and skyr, that is) at the supermarket and a not-so-quick (read: half-an-hour) visit on my part to the powder room of its associated rest area, we finally indulge in an impromptu picnic on the nearby wooden benches. We stay for about 30 minutes soaking up the sun, then drive off westwards to the one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland, Goðafoss.

It's the visit to the public swimming pool in the village of Hofsós in North Iceland, that's at the top of our agenda for the day, though. In fact, to be honest, it has been on the top of our agenda for the whole trip, apart from the eruption, of course. So that we hope to get there on time to catch the sunset over the North Atlantic Ocean. However, I have a feeling the pool might not be open until that late, and I call to check the working hours. I am right, it closes at 3pm on Sundays, so our initial plan fails, but instead we can go for a refreshing swim first thing in the morning and take our time today to fully enjoy the sights on our way.

But by the time we get to the falls, the weather changes dramatically. Now the sky above us is leaden with overcast and the wind is back with a vengeance. Down below, at this particular viewpoint I want to photograph from, it blows unending fine water spray into our faces and camera lenses, making it nearly impossible to obtain a decent photo. After spending 30 minutes in efforts to combat the unfavorable shooting conditions, we leave with only a couple of nearly acceptable images.

the waterfall of the Gods, Goðafoss

facing the forces of nature

Back on Route 1, we go on to the so-called Capital of the North Iceland, Akureyri, the country's second largest urban area outside Greater Reykjavík. Among the local attractions one has piqued my curiosity - Jólagarðurinn, a bright-red mock-up of a gingerbread house several kilometers outside the town that is said to be keeping the magic of Christmas alive all year round. I anticipate laying my hands on some unique Nordic design ornaments there, but, unfortunately, we find the Christmas decorations on sale in the shop inside too kitsch for our taste. Instead, we have two chocolate-dipped Fudge Puppies (Belgian waffles on a stick) and call it quits.

Jólagarðurinn, the Christmas Garden

At this point, it's time for us to stray from Route 1 and continue instead north, along the western flank of the picturesque Eyjafjörður, the longest fjord in Iceland.

hay rolls along Eyjafjörður

But then, at the turn-off in the small town of Ólafsfjörður, we decide to leave the coast and take the mountain pass through the Tröllaskagi peninsula, assuming it's a shortcut. But since it's an unpaved, gravel road, our drive is slower, and yet equally fascinating.

When we reach Hofsós, it's already dark, but the village is so tiny, we find the swimming pool right away although being barely noticeable from the street. Designed by the same architectural office that stays behind the creation of the world famous Blue Lagoon Spa, its minimalistic concrete building is seamlessly integrated into the hillside by the coast in such a way that, even though offering protection from disturbances from the surrounding village, it allows a clear view of what lies beyond from the outside, i.e. curious tourists like us can have a peek through even when it is closed. And that's what we do as soon as we stop at its parking lot. The sight that bursts upon us is simply magnificent - the luminous blue waters of the pool, the steaming hot jacuzzi, the icy cold fjord, the glacially scoured mountains across it, and the Drangey island in the distance. All we want now is to jump over the fence and go in for a dip. But, instead, the only thing we can do is to seek shelter from the rising gale-force wind in our car and never poke our noses out until the storm subsides.

22 September 2014

We've set the alarm for 6.10 to allow ourselves (ok, myself) enough time to get ready in the morning and be the first to visit the pool. Which, however, turns out insufficient for my full beauty routine, and, once inside the changing room, I spend extra half an hour polishing up my looks. In the meanwhile, my man fills up the time by taking pictures of both the interior and the exterior design solutions.

Hofsós swimming pool

exterior design details

coffee corner at the front desk

signage inside the changing rooms

bare concrete walls, Icelandic hand-made stone tiles,
and translucent industrial glazing dominate the interior

Even though it is not really an infinity pool, the impression I'm left with when I finally immerse my body in its warm geothermal waters is that there's nothing next to me but the North Atlantic.

at the edge of the world

the view over Drangey island

the view to the opposite side

deep into the fjord

bathing at 65°95′ North feels fantastic

When I am eventually done with posing for the photos I've yearned for, we soak into the divine hot tube at last.

Do I seem content or what?

Unfortunately, the place soon becomes crowded as a class of school kids invade the pool and a bunch of other tourists fill in the hot tube, so we are done here.

Denim Dressing

Sunday, 22 February 2015

on me } denim jacket: Levi's Engineered / shirt: Atterley Road / leggings: Maison Martin Margiela with H&M (customized) /
heels: Alexander Wang Lovisa / beanie: New Yorker / frames: Vivienne Westwood

on Kaira } denim shirt dress: Dsquared2 c/o Melijoe / t-shirt: Matalan / skirt: custom made / bag: Zara /
ballet flats: Bloch c/o Melijoe / beanie: H&M

The Black Swan

Sunday, 15 February 2015

on me } leather trench coat: thrifted / sweater: Zara / skirt: Asos (customized) / heels: Guess / frames: Vivienne Westwood

on Kaira } biker jacket: Zara Girls / t-shirt: Matalan / skirt: Angel's Face c/o Detailor Sofia / ballet flats: Zara Girls (customized)

Long Line

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

cardigan: Sel by Peppercorn / top: Zara / jeans: Zara TRF (customized) / sneakers: Adidas /
bag: Zara TRF / scarf: H&M / frames: Vivienne Westwood / bracelet: Moxham

Teddy Bears

Saturday, 31 January 2015

If I have to admit it, I envy Kaira her shearling jacket. Nothing beats a genuine Burberry outerwear. And mine? Well, it was a thrifted mens coat, to begin with, then passed through the hands of 2 tailors to be cut anew 3 times, but still looks and fits awkwardly. Since I so much love the quality and the warmth of its shearling, I am not willing to let it go. Not until I can afford my own designer one. Maybe the 4th time would be a charm?

Трябва да си призная, че завиждам на Кайра за каракуленото яке. Нищо не може да се сравни с връхна дреха на Burberry. А моето? Ами, в началото то беше мъжко палто от магазин за дрехи втора употреба, което после премина през ръцете на двама шивачи и беше прекроено 3 пъти, но все още не прилича на нищо. Но, тъй като толкова много харесвам качеството и топлината на каракула му, вече трета зима не мога да се реша да го разкарам и така си стои забутано в гардероба. А докато не дойде моментът, в който ще мога да си позволя и аз дизайнерско такова, съм склонна да опитам още веднъж да го превърна в нещо (по)носимо.

П.С. Моля, ако сте или познавате професионален шивач, който разполага с уменията, средствата и желанието да се справи с нелеката задача да ми угоди, пишете, ще съм ви много благодарна.

on me } shearling jacket: custom made / top: Zara / skirt: H&M (customized) / boots: H&M / bag: Zara /
frames: Vivienne Westwood / ring: Fortuna (custom made)

on Kaira } aviator jacket: Burberry Kids / top: H&M / leggings: H&M / skirt: custom made / boots: Zara Girls

Mirror Silver

Thursday, 22 January 2015

The latest addition to my growing collection of Moxham jewelry, this edgy cuff in shiny silver is the most versatile statement piece I've ever owned. And with an improved design in terms of wearability compared to my old one in brass.

cardigan: Zara / sweater: Selected / shirt: Atterley Road / leather leggings: Maison Martin Margiela with H&M /
booties: Burberry / clutch: Zara / frames: Vivienne Westwood / choker: Oxette / bracelet: Moxham OTTO silver

Miss Kaira, Best Of

Monday, 19 January 2015

Hopefully, there is still a lot more to see from our favorite lil' fashionista Kaira (pronounced K-eye-ra, like Cairo, Egypt), but here is a compilation of her best looks so far. Hope you'll enjoy it and follow her on Instagram and Pinterest via the hashtag #MissKaira.

Да се надяваме, че има много още какво да видим от любимата ни малка фешъниста Кайра, но сега ето компилация от най-доброто от нея дотук. Надявам се да ви харесва, а бъдещите й прояви можете да следите в Instagram и Pinterest чрез хаштага #MissKaira.

first photo by Photo Studio Nana, all the rest by EdgyCuts

EdgyCuts. All rights reserved. © Maira Gall.